Frequently Asked Questions

Do you play Agadoo, The birdie Song etc?

Only if you are 5 years old (ish) and its your party and you really want it. Other than that - NO.

Can we give you a list of songs to play?
Yes. Some people give me 2 songs to fit in at sometime during the evening and others give me 7 hours of music to fit into 4 hours! I did have one couple that gave me 4 cds of already mixed music and told me to play cd 1 and when that finished cd2 etc. Its your night, You choose. Giving me a list of 20 songs is the most ideal as you get to hear your favourites and I get the flexibilty to vary the night.

What is a video disco?

The overall effect of a video disco is difficult to describe but easy to see once you have experienced the atmosphere with Platinum Videotech. The ingenious effect is quite simple. The videos help people get into the party spirit much quicker than that of a standard disco. The screens are an integral part of the evenings entertainment. The party go-ers who like to dance will do so and watch the screen at the same time and the ones who have no intention of dancing will be entertained by watching the screens and either end up dancing or just be very happily entertained from the comfort of their seat.


What is displayed on the screens?
Music videos, Visual effects, Old 'growing up' Photos/video clips, Hen/Stag do clips, party paparazzi pics taken on the night, wedding day photos for evening guests, pictures/videos of weddings abroad, text messages for friends, sporting events, theme night films, award ceremony slides, powerpoint presentations. The list goes on. The question is What would YOU like displayed on the screens?

On what format do you need pictures for you to be able to show them on your screens?

.Jpeg or similar images are fine which can be on cd, dvd, memory stick, SD card etc. If you would prefer to make a slideshow or video clip yourself you can do this using powerpoint or make a DVD using imovie. It's always a good idea to let me have the media before the night to ensure it is compatible rather than risk it on the night.

What back ups and contingency plans do you have in place?

A full back-up service is in place to enable your celebrations go ahead with the minimum of fuss. Every now and again somethings do go wrong. Even companies like Google, Ebay and Microsoft never guarantee 100% uptime!  To prepare for these situations we have our equipment checked on a regular basis to ensure it is safe and reliable. We have back up laptops, back up speakers, spare leads, mics, lights, and even back up transport to hand. Ive never missed a disco yet due to illness or accident. In the unlikely event of this happening you are reassured that there are always two of us booked for your event and we also have people who can step in.

I'm interested but not ready to book/confirm it yet can I reserve the date?

Yes. If you go to our availability checker and enter the date of your choice. If it states that we are available then you can fill in the form with absolutely no obligation or money and this will give you first refusal on this date. Should someone else then come along later and ask for the same date, You will have to make a decision within 48 hours to let the date go or pay your deposit and confirm your booking

How do we book you?

At the time you decide that you would like to go ahead, a deposit of £100 pounds will secure the date for you. This can be paid securely online by credit/debit or paypal. Once this deposit has been paid I confirm the details of your booking and payment via email and update the status of your account from 'pending' to 'booked'.

How much do you charge?

Visit our pricelist page and all will be revealed.

Which areas do you cover?

As long as my european sat nav will get me there, I will be there. I have performed 'gigs' in England Ireland Scotland, France and Spain and on the waters inbetween! Call or email for pricing of travelling jobs.


Who will DJ at our event, Are you an agent?

Platinum Videotech is a company setup, owned and run by me Rob Wraight. I DJ at every event and never swap discos for financial gain. When you book me you will get me. If you check availability and it states that im already booked, you then have the opportunity to reserve the date with one of our recommnded DJs who I have known for many years with similar set ups as me. I take no commision from you or them, it is simply a referral.